Our Preschool Program

It is our desire to team up with you and create an educational environment to help develop your child’s learning.  Our Preschool teachers have written a curriculum that teaches age appropriate learning for your child.  We believe that learning through play and exploring brings out  your child’s creativity and imagination.

Sweet Bees & Bunny Bees

2 year olds

The Sweet Bees and Bunny Bees classroom is a two year old room that teaches self-help skills which includes feeding themselves, washing their hands, putting shoes on, putting own jackets on, etc. Socialization and language skills are being developed and practiced in these rooms. Learning other children’s boundaries and following directions is an important part of a two year olds success in interactions. When your child is showing signs and ready we will work directly with you to assist with their potty training. With many years of experience we have developed a Potty Training Policy that outlines what has worked best for children learning to go on the potty in a large environment. We have also created a wonderful curriculum that teaches age appropriate concepts and themes such as colors, shapes and introducing sounds, songs, rhythms, letters and numbers. They will be introduced to art materials and mediums to learn to create a desire to explore. The children will experience circle time each day with stories, puppets, flannel board stories, music and movement. There is various stations set up in the classrooms, which include dramatic play, science, music and art.   They learn little prayers and songs that introduce the belief in God and Jesus.


Busy Bees

3 year olds

We provide an age appropriate curriculum that helps your child to develop creativity and curiosity.  Children have the opportunity to engage in many exciting learning centers in the classroom such as art, dramatic play, blocks, science, music and a library area. The children will participate in daily circle time where the teachers read stories, sing songs and encourage conversations among the children discussing new topics each week and month.  Newsletters are sent home at the beginning of the month that informs you of the theme, letters, numbers, shapes and a focused social behavior and bible lesson for the month.  In this class we focus on shapes and colors and introduce letters and numbers in English and Spanish.  Masterpieces of beautiful art projects the children create are always on display in the Busy Bees class!  We encourage you to read what your child is learning at school and reinforce at home to help their growth and learning!    



4-5 years olds

 Our preschool program provides a high-quality enriched learning environment in which your child may learn and grow at their own pace while discovering the world around them.  The children will participate in a daily circle time that reinforces letters, numbers, shapes and colors. They are introduced to math and reading concepts threw games, manipulative, writing, counting and stories. A monthly newsletter of what the children will be focusing on will be sent home at the beginning of each month so while at home the family can reinforce what they are learning at school.  Children have an opportunity to learn through discovery and exploration, while being creative and imaginative. They will increase their knowledge that will help them acquire the necessary skills for kindergarten readiness and a love for learning.  The Honeybee classroom provides educational activities that allow children to become familiar with the world around them.   


Full-TIme & Part-Time

The preschool and infant care offers part time and full time enrollment. Our hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Full time scheduled are Monday through Friday. 

Part-time schedules are Tuesday & Thursday OR Monday, Wednesday, and Friday